Mardox organisation was founded in 2020 by Hooman Mardox in Sydney, Australia with the goal of bringing efficiency and optimisation to the different sectors of the economy including but not limited to: Investing, education, consulting, events, etc.

Currently, we cater to high-end individuals and businesses and planning on expanding our reach and impact by 2025 by 300% across the globe.

Mardox Organisation currently serves all entities including individuals and businesses in the following countries:

Mardox organisation is the parent company of the following subsidiaries:

We operate our companies based on the following principles:


Problem ⎯ The world is full of inefficiencies.  

Mission  ⎯ “Helping people to optimise the world”

1. Optimisation Obsessed 

Optimise for maximum efficiency and performance.

2. Laser Focused 

Keep the main thing the main thing, and eliminate distraction.

3. High Standards 

Great just isn't good enough.

4. Long-Term Thinking 

Make short-term sacrifices for long-term success.

5. Lean & Frugal 

Constraints breed resourcefulness, do more with less.

6. Be Scientific 

Reason from first principles, use data, test and iterate.

7. Go ALL In 

Commit fully, work hard, take initiative, and get things done.

8. Full Transparency 

Be brutally honest and transparent, even if it hurts, it helps.

9. Question Everything 

Ask why and hold nothing sacred in pursuit of the truth.

10. Invent Impossible 

Doesn't exist dosen't stop us from inventing it.